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Island Global Yachting is interested in expanding its network of marinas, from the Caribbean sea to the Mediterranean sea. In this regard, it is searching for harbours in which to implement its business model both as an investor and as the managing subject.


Sinloc’s intervention is currently focused on the scouting activity which has allowed it to create, through intense dialogue with the various stakeholders present on the Italian territory, a preliminary pipeline of target projects. In the course of the following months, the objective is that of entering into investments through financial closings which could regard new finance proposal on private initiative, or the acquisition of shares or non-performing loans from credit institutions.


  • Territorial and sectoral analysis and definition of the investment strategy;

  • Identification and structuring of the investment vehicle;

  • Search for target projects and beneficiaries;

  • Preliminary screening of the projects, definition of improvements and support in their reconfiguration;

  • Supporting the Fund Manager in the evaluation of the preliminary procedures of the projects by means of analysis of the economic and financial risks;

  • Supporting the Fund Manager in the in-depth analysis of the economic, financial, administrative, procedural and technical aspects of the projects identified;

  • Supporting the Fund Manager in the Risk analysis of the projects and definition of solutions of allocation and mitigation;

  • Supporting the Fund Manager in the preparation of loan application assessments and verification of the consistency of the project;

  • Supporting the Fund Manager in the financial closing and monitoring activities;

  • Monitoring and management control of the investments in the vehicle portfolio.





since 2016 – ongoing


Island Global Yachting (IGY)


Search for potential Italian marinas, with the aim of creating a network of projects, specially focused on the super yacht segment, which could be added to the investment portfolio being evaluated by Island Global Yachting.

  • Private Companies
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