Sinloc in Cagliari to upgrade the exhibition centre

By Sinloc SpA 25 November 2018
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Sinloc the Chamber of Commerce’s advisor for the urban transformation of the exhibition centre. The Company has, in fact, received a mandate from the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari to support the definition of an economic-financial and procedural feasibility study for the urban redevelopment of the exhibition centre and the realization of synergies with the “water front” of Su Siccu, located in front of it. The project aims at supporting the tavolo d’indirizzo formed by the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Mare di Sardegna Port Authority, the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, the Municipality of Cagliari.

The work – through suitable discussions with the parties involved, market analyses, evaluation of possible functional combinations consistent with the expectations of territory stakeholders, definition of financing options – consists in the verification and evaluation of the different aspects of economical-financial sustainability and in supporting the  in the definition of the procedural options and activities for subsequent implementation of the project.

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