Sinloc Involved in the Galaxity Project

By scomunicare_sinloc 7 May 2018
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Sinloc is now a partner of the Galaxity initiative which aims to develop innovative and sustainable energy districts in urban areas through organic business models contributing to the pace at which it can be adopted throughout the city.

The project aims to improve the energy levels of two specific cities: Padua and Lund, with the aim to improve the cities’ annual energy costs.

In this respect Sinloc has identified a business model able to improve the efficiency of the districts identified, one that may also be attractive to investors.

Sinloc has studied how the business models would be applied in 7 other cities around Europe. Part of Horizion 2020 and EURAC, the project counts as its partners the City of Padua, the University of Padua, the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, Acegas-APS and the Association of APRE Research.

Currently the initiative is under evaluation by the European Commission to commence operations by the end of 2018.

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