NESOI Project



A great project for the energy efficiency of European islands. This is NESOI, which besides being named after Ancient Greek deities is also an acronym, NESOI – New Energy Solutions Optimised for Islands. The European Commission has decided to finance it and Sinloc – Sistema Iniziative Locali – is the lead company of a European consortium which, over the course of four years, will support the planning and implementation of projects for renewable energies, energy efficiency, advanced power networks and energy infrastructures in European islands.

Sinloc offers both its economic and financial expertise and its experience in the management and facilitation of access to European and market-based Funds and financial instruments. NESOI aims at mobilising more than 100 million Euros of investments by 2023, leading to estimated primary energy savings of 440 GWh/year and a reduction in terms of greenhouse gases of 160,000 kt CO2/year.

Antonio Rigon, CEO of Sinloc, states that “Nesoi is the most important project on the islands launched by the European Commission. Important also because in relation to the mainland, the cost of energy consumed on the islands is ten times higher.”

In brief, in a time of climate change, an initiative of this kind has a value that is both symbolic and substantive, in particular starting from the Paris Agreement, thanks to which 195 countries have undertaken to intensify efforts to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C and to implement policies for reducing emissions.

For this reason, the EU Island Facility NESOI will work in close coordination with DG Energy of the European Commission and will provide the islands with an array of instruments and solutions for economic-financial, procedural and legal technical assistance to support the development of projects. In this way it will be possible to structure sustainable projects, capable of accessing the funding sources available on the market and thus implement the action plans of the islands.

Andrea Martinez, Deputy Managing Director of Sinloc and coordinator of the NESOI project, concludes that “Nesoi will provide the islands with qualified technical support. An opportunity for Local Authorities to obtain high-level technical assistance, also replicating the positive experiences already developed to structure projects of local interest and attract investments. The projects will lead to the implementation of renewable energy source plants, better buildings and energy infrastructures and thus help to reduce energy cost, emissions and environmental impact and create local jobs. We will support the islands so that they become the locomotives of European energy transition”.

The NESOI consortium consists of 10 qualified and expert companies from 9 European countries: SINLOC – Sistema Iniziative Locali, R2M Solution, RINA Consulting, ZABALA Innovation Consulting, Fundacion CIRCE Centro de Investigacion de Recursos y Consumos Energeticos, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, E.ON Solutions, Deloitte Advisory, WOLF THEISS and Hellenic Association for Energy Economics, under the supervision of INEA – Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.

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