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Sinloc developed a project promoted by CR Lucca Foundation for local authorities in the Province of Lucca.

The work concerns renovating Lucca’s school properties, building new facilities and improving existing ones, by setting up a Local Objective Fund.

The investment of over € 50 million aims at significantly improving energy efficiency and seismic safety of a significant portion of scholastic area, striving to reduce management costs and increase users safety by completing the work in a well-defined timeframe.

To do so, Sinloc identified 18 potential initiatives in 13 cities, for about 4,000 affected students. It also helped local authorities apply for the INVIMIT I-3 Core platform and structure the Local Objective Fund. Fund implementation will make it possible to tackle the efficiency of Lucca’s schools in a broad and structured manner by creating economies of scale that will reduce costs and by jointly activating multiple initiatives.

Specifically, Sinloc’s work involves the following issues:

Identification, description, and analysis of a portfolio of measures on multiple school complexes;

Definition of a project portfolio with a critical mass and adequate profitability to attract national funds co-financing;

Creation of a regional financial platform that can simultaneously finance the works in various schools;

Selection of a market operator capable of activating economies of scale in the construction phase and partly in the management phase.

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