3L Project



Saved 3.8 million per year and lower emissions for 12 thousand tons of carbon dioxide.

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Padua and Rovigo invested 100 thousand euros to anticipate a 1.5 million financing from the European Investment Bank, which moved 35 million of private investments and generated economic and environmental benefits in the Provinces of Veneto involved in the project.

We are talking about “3L – Less Energy, Less Cost, Less Impact” – an energy efficiency project promoted by CARIPARO Foundation, supported by Sinloc, which involved many local Authorities in the provinces of Padua, Rovigo, Belluno and Treviso.

The project improved the energy efficiency of 280 public buildings and 35 thousand public lighting points in the 58 cities involved, achieving a saving of 3.8 million euros per year and lower atmospheric emissions (12 thousand tons of carbon dioxide saved per year).

The project, currently in its concluding phase, has obtained financing from the European ELENA (European Local ENergy Assistance) Program, managed by the European Investment Bank. These funds financed the technical assistance to local Authorities in order to structure calls for tender for the energy redevelopment of buildings and lighting systems. The Project activated private investments for 35 million Euros and obtained energy savings of around 35% on public buildings and over 60% on public lighting.

Sinloc, on behalf of CARIPARO Foundation, supported the application process to the ELENA EIB fund. The intervention has led to great advantages for the citizens and the Public Administration, despite it is not a core intervention sector of the Foundations.

Sinloc, a company with a significant expertise in technical assistance within ELENA projects, has been the advisor of the Province of Milan (first pilot ELENA project in Italy) and of the Province of Chieti. Sinloc is currently supporting the Provinces of Bergamo and Venice in the development of similar projects.

Thanks to Sinloc contribution, despite the large number of buildings and lighting points, only five tender procedures were launched, and a significant private investment has been activated. The result is probably the most important obtained at national level so far.

“The informal feedbacks of the local Authorities involved in the three procedures already awarded were very positive,” said Antonio Rigon, Sinloc’s CEO, “They expressed great satisfaction for the results achieved. The average investment is more than 70 thousand euros per building and around 350 euros per spot lighting. The investments will result in a 50% saving on energy costs by the end of their amortization period”.