Eu Islands Facility NESOI – New Energy Solutions Optimised for Islands

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The subject of energy transition is of crucial importance in Europe and although funds for financing energy efficiency projects and renewables are available on the market, many projects have difficulties in finding implementation. In particular, in the islands the barriers for implementation are dictated by specific factors which include: the fragmentation of projects and/or the low unit cost of technology for reaching a critical mass; the lack of coordination between Local Authorities and the limited development of synergies between projects; low awareness of financing opportunities; the lack of technical expertise and/or human resources dedicated to the development and coordination of the projects.


NESOI aims at supporting at least sixty European islands in the conception and implementation of projects for renewable energies, energy efficiency, smart grids and energy infrastructures. The beneficiaries of the Facility shall receive activities of technical assistance directly by the members of the consortium; furthermore, 3.1 million Euros shall be allocated to finance complementary activities in situ.

NESOI aims at mobilising more than 100 million Euros of investments by 2023, leading to estimated primary energy savings of 440 GWh/year and a reduction in terms of greenhouse gases of 160,000 kt CO2/year.


The NESOI consortium, led by Sinloc, includes experts in economic-financial, technical, legal and procedural, but also environmental and social subjects: a multidisciplinary team with proven experience in the European landscape.

The intervention shall be characterised by:

  • close coordination with the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission;
  • a concrete approach, targeted at supporting Local Authorities for the structuring and implementation of sustainable interventions;
  • offering solutions of specialised technical assistance to Local Authorities directly by members of the consortium;
  • financing local experts, with a fund of 3.1 million Euros;
  • creating a physical and digital platform to provide islands with efficient technical and financial instruments as well as best practices;
  • capacity building and coaching activities for the technical staff of Local Authorities.




European Commission


2019 – ongoing


10 million euros


The European Islands Facility – NESOI (New Energy Solutions Optimised for Islands) project, throught the work of a consortium composed of ten expert European companies coordinated by Sinloc, aims at supporting the process of energy transition of European islands, promoting decentralisation of energy systems and reaching more efficient solutions, in line with the European objectives for 2030.

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